Best tea for a cold, rainy day

Green tea sitting on a windowsill steaming up in a rainy Central Park New York scene

There's something about hot tea on a rainy day that just feels so comforting. Maybe it's the warmth of the tea or the fact that you're cozy inside while the rain is falling outside. Whatever the reason, hot tea on a rainy day is one of life's simple pleasures.

If you're looking for the perfect hot tea to enjoy on a rainy day, we suggest trying our green tea Wild Kamairicha. It’s the perfect tea to enjoy on a cold, rainy day because it is sweet and toasty, with a verdant taste that reminds you of a big natural adventure. You can feel like you’re exploring the mountains from the comfort of your bed.

Take advantage of the rain and brew up a delicious cup of delicious Wild Kamairicha green tea. 

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