Black Tea Health Benefits

stable diffusion generated tea field

Black tea, or the leaf juice from leaves processed through deep oxidation, is full of healthy benefits. Most obviously, it is chock full of antioxidants, which help prevent or manage chronic diseases¹. These can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as fight body weight. In one study over 12 weeks, it was observed that people who have at least 690 mg of catechins from tea a day saw their body fat reduced². You might be asking, "Well, I take supplements or drink energy drinks that have antioxidants, won't that be enough?" Unfortunately, it's not. According to another study, the antioxidants added to these supplements may actually have negative effects due to the high amounts of them added to these supplements³.

Black tea also has flavanoids, which help reduce heart disease, blood pressure, high cholesterol, and elevated triglyceride levels⁴. In one study, they found that for each cup of tea consumed daily, there was a 4% lower risk of death from heart disease, 2% lower risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular events, a 4% lower risk of stroke, and a 1.5% lower risk of death from all causes⁵. Drinking tea daily is certainly one way to really improve your health!

Gut health is the final way that black tea works for you. The same polyphenols that help your health with their antioxidant properties also benefit your gut. They improve the growth of healthy bacteria and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in your gut⁶. Your gut is an important part of what helps you stay healthy, so it is another benefit of black tea that it keeps your gut regular.


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