How to Brew Wild Kamairicha

This tutorial is for how to brew Wild Kamairicha. Haven't ordered it yet? Pick it up here:

The first step is to open the seal of the Wild Kamairicha.

Opening the seal of Wild Kamairicha

Next, you'll want to pour a few grams into your steeping container. Assuming you're making 1 cup, pour about 3 almond-sized portions of tea.

Pouring tea into a stainless steel container

Then place the container in your teapot, or wherever you plan to steep your Wild Kamairicha.

Placing steeping receptacle in clear teapot

Now boil some water to 160° Fahrenheit, or 70° Celsius.

Digital screen on a kettle reading "DELICATE 160°"

Wait 2-3 minutes and pour. Luckily, Wild Kamairicha is very resilient, so if you forget about it - don't worry! It won't be bitter, and will still be great to enjoy.

Pouring Wild Kamairicha

And that's it! You can re-steep the same leaves about 3 times, and change the steps above to better reflect your taste. Enjoy Wild Kamairicha!

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