Why buy from Teavern?

Three containers of tea, with a spoon showing the details of the leaves

We know you have a lot of options for where to buy tea, so why would you choose Teavern? The answer is that Teavern sources the absolute best teas, and the explanation of that is covered in this post.

The most important question to answer when choosing a tea vendor is, what makes a tea the right fit for you? You should think about what is valuable to you about tea. One person might value the health benefits of a tea, and another person might value the taste. You may use tea as a cost conscience alternative to another beverage, or thoughtful about how a tea pairs with your meal. Regardless of your reason behind buying a tea, it's important that a tea matches your criteria.

When Teavern source the finest, organic teas direct from farms around the world, this is some of the same criteria we use to identify what to buy. We are deliberate about choosing the tea that is the healthiest, tastes the best, is the easiest to prepare, and is well priced. We consider things like the taste respective to the hardness of the water being used or its temperature. We also consider how that taste might enhance a meal or a cocktail. We are mindful that each tea has its share of tradeoffs, but we try to minimize those as much as possible in our offerings.

Teavern is committed to you. We want to not only help you enjoy tea, but educate you about tea. Educated buyers make our best customers, as they can appreciate the nuance of our teas. We hope that our passion for tea shines through this content, and enhances the experience of drinking a tea from Teavern. If you ever have any questions at all about a product or tea, you can contact us at any of our social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Reddit.

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