Sam as a child with a cup of tea

Teavern.com comes from the words tavern and tea and was established in February 2022. Sam (pictured above) wanted to bring tea and the joy of drinking it with friends and family to the masses. Sam also wanted to offer premium, farm sourced teas in a way that was approachable and affordable.

Over the last 12+ years, Sam has been sourcing teas from all across the world. He has built relationships with producers that allow him to source exclusive, non-consumer facing teas that other providers cannot offer. These teas receive awards or receive recognition that make them treasured items amongst industry insiders.

Sam drinking multiple different teas

Teavern's vision is to provide world class delicious and healthy tea at an affordable price. By simply placing an order, you can begin to explore Teavern's highly curated selection of organic, seasonal, and exclusive teas. Our promise to you is that each tea offered by Teavern will surprise and delight you whether you are new to tea or a seasoned drinker. That is why we believe that Teavern is Tea Worth Savoring.