Wild Kamairicha

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This comma-shaped green tea fills your mouth with a sweet, creamy, and toasty flavor. Winner of the Platinum Kamairicha Nihoncha Award in 2021. Harvested and certified organic in June 2022.

Wild Kamairicha is grown at an elevation of around 500 meters above sea level in the Haruno mountains of Northern Hamamatsu City. The organic fields in these mountains bud later than most, so this is the first flush of the tea. The cultivar is Zairai, meaning that the leaves are harvested from wild tea bushes native to the area. The word "Kama" means kettle, "Iru" means to roast, and "Cha" means tea. The name comes to mean roasted in a kettle tea, and sounds like the unique comma shape that comes from the technique of preparing the tea. Order it and experience the rich terroir and talented craftsmanship of Wild Kamairicha.